Why you should see a therapst after a breakup

See a therapist in Denver after a breakup

1. Seeing a therapist can help you process and sort out all of the emotions you are feeling and help you experience your feelings in a safe environment. Breaking up with someone is, at its core, a grieving process. It can feel as bad, and I would argue worse, than having someone close to you die. Having a therapist to guide you through the emotions will help you heal.

2. A breakup can bring up others issues we didn’t know we had. Maybe you have lower self-esteem and the relationship helped hide this. Maybe we have issues with how we relate to others or even past unresolved trauma that made being in a relationship hard. Talking to a therapist will help.

3. Seeing a therapist can help us see ourselves more objectively. After a relationship, self-esteem can take a nose-dive. A therapist can help give you a “reality check” to test and debunk any negative script you may have so you can see yourself as you are and could be.

A breakup is a good time to rediscover you. If any of this resonates, give me a call at 303-335-0785.