Thoughts about beliefs

I have been doing a lot of reflecting recently about beliefs and how they can distort how we see ourselves. We all have beliefs of some sort. “I’m good at my job, but maybe am not good enough to get promoted.” “This is the best I can do.” “I am just _____ kind of person.” You get the idea. Old scripts. Stories we’ve been telling ourselves and letting other people reinforce for who knows how long. And many times we do things to reinforce these stories ourselves. We maybe settle. Settle for a job we don’t entirely like but believe it is “good enough” or it is “safe.” Maybe we settle in other ways, too. The beliefs give us an identity and comfort in some way. But are the beliefs true just because we have had them for so long? It is important to take stock once in a while of what we believe about ourselves and how that is affecting our lives. Maybe an old belief you have about yourself was never true to begin with. What do you believe about yourself?