What other people think…

Do you spend a lot of time wondering what other people think about you? Do you fear people may notice you and have a poor opinion of you? Does trying to gain the approval of others play a major role in how you live your life?

First of all, its normal to want people to like and approve of us. We’re social creatures and it feels good when people like us. We naturally prefer it when people approve of what we do.

But what if people don’t like us? What does that mean? Does it mean something is wrong with us? That we should change? That we are terrible people? Probably not. 

Let’s face it: people think all sorts of things and we have zero control over that. Some people will see us and think positively, some negatively. Strangers may see us and forget us minutes or even seconds later, never having given us much thought at all. Most people’s thoughts about things are fleeting at best. And when they judge you negatively that says more about them than you.

When we have a negative view of ourselves, how other people view us can seem like life or death. We might find the very idea of really being seen by others as intolerable. We may avoid social situations, and structure our lives around being unseen, feeling ashamed of who we are. We may work hard to blend in or seek careers and ways of living that are “safe”. 

The truth is: who you are is OK. Let me say that again: who you are is OK. You deserve to be here. No matter what you were told, no matter who didn’t approve of you or maybe didn’t like you in the past. No matter if you have always felt like you weren’t good enough. You are as good as anyone, and I, for one, am really glad that you’re here. 

Hi, I’m Ryan. I’m a therapist in Denver, Colorado and I help people learn to love, value, and accept themselves. Whether you want to improve your self esteem or you’re seeking counseling for social anxiety, I want you to know deeply how valuable you are to the world so you can feel comfortable and confident in yourself, and learn to put your own opinions of yourself ahead of others’. You can learn more about my private practice, Denver Therapists, at my website: www.denvertherapists.net. Or get in touch at 303-335-0785 or ryan@denvertherapists.net. I’d love to hear from you.



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