You may have felt pressure to succeed your whole life. It may have been pressure from your family: a highly successful parent, a family legacy to live up to, or just a family culture where second-best was never enough. As a result, you may find yourself stuck in a cycle of always achieving but never feeling good enough, not liking yourself, and feeling a lack of joy, freedom, and ease in your life.

I help people who struggle with perfectionism learn to break free from old patterns and finally find true self-acceptance, freedom, and joy.

Personal Growth

Life has been OK for you but something is missing. You feel like things could be better. You feel like you have been stuck in the same life patterns for years and life feels stagnant. You want insight, self-awareness, and growth. You want someone who isn’t afraid to challenge your old beliefs and who will help you gain an objective, professional perspective on yourself. I can help you find your way to better self-understanding and give you the tools to improve your life.