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Denver Therapists provides mental health counseling in Denver, Colorado for adults who want to improve their mental health and live a better life.

Your job is stressful and maybe your home life is, too. Maybe you’re feeling stressed-out, overwhelmed, or burned-out by all of it. Maybe you have been so busy for so many years striving for success, or taking care of others’ needs that, somewhere along the way, you neglected yourself and continue to do so. Maybe your problems feel so overwhelming that you don’t know where to turn. Every day is starting to feel like a struggle or has for a while. Because of this, you might wonder if anyone would understand what you’re going through. You just want to feel better again, or maybe for the first time. At Denver Therapists, I understand that this is a tough time in your life. Because of this, I am dedicated to helping you reach your goals in therapy so you can feel better. My goal is to help you heal and to live a happier life.

You are not alone.

Counseling in Denver

When we feel depressed, anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed, trying to find a counselor can seem daunting. Knowing which therapist in Denver to work with can be a difficult decision. There are many counselors in Denver who do excellent work but the most important thing is to find the right counselor for you – a counselor who understands you and who is a good match for you. For this reason, I offer a free 30-minute phone consultation for those seeking counseling in Denver so you can get an idea of who I am and if you want to work with me.

Denver Therapists can help.

At Denver Therapists, I provide mental health counseling for individuals from all walks of life. Maybe you have seen a therapist in Denver in the past or this may be your first time seeking counseling in Denver. If this is your first time looking for counseling in Denver, you may feel a little anxious.

Feeling nervous about starting counseling is normal.

Many people looking for a therapist in Denver feel a little uneasy about finding a counselor or taking the first step to schedule an appointment for counseling. As a result, they may put off finding a therapist in Denver who can help them. It is normal to feel a little nervous about seeing a therapist for the first time. Deciding to find a therapist is a big step and usually means something in our life isn’t working. This is nothing to be ashamed about but the idea talking about our problems in counseling can still be scary. “What should I talk about with my counselor?”, “Can therapy really help?”, or “How do I know if I have found the right therapist?” might all be questions you are asking yourself. Rest assured, I will help you through this every step of the way.

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When you call or email Denver Therapists, I typically respond within 24 hours and often can return your call or email the same day. As a result, you can typically get an appointment in a day or two after you call me. I recognize that making that first call is a big step. Because I know how hard it is to make that call, I want to reassure you that I will always be glad to talk with you. My goal on that first call is to learn about what you’re going through and let you get to know me so we can determine together if we are a good match to work together. If you decide I am not the right therapist for you, I am happy to provide you with referrals to other therapists in Denver so you can get the counseling you need.

About Denver Therapists

Denver Therapists founder Ryan Ramsey
Ryan Ramsey MA, LPCC

My name is Ryan Ramsey and I started my private practice, Denver Therapists, with the goal of providing counseling in Denver to individuals who are overwhelmed, overworked, and stressed-out. If you have been working a high-stress job, living a high-stress life, and feel like you can’t take the stress anymore, call me. I can help you uncover what is holding you back and learn how to love and prioritize yourself again so you can live a happier, more peaceful, and more balanced life. You deserve nothing less.

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You are not alone.

Denver Therapists Location

The office of Denver Therapists is located conveniently in the Highland area of Denver in the People House building at 3035 West 25th Avenue, Denver, CO 80211. There is free off-street parking and a handicap-accessible entrance on the north side of the building. I also offer counseling in Colorado remotely via secure video-conference to individuals anywhere in Colorado.